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it's not easy writing this right now. when you and your boyfriend… - Freckles_T [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 24th, 2006|12:38 am]
it's not easy writing this right now. when you and your boyfriend have called it quits and your bf, now ex, might check your blog. i guess the easier thing to do would have been just to ignore the topic of separation but then you feel that would be unfair. to who and what, i don't know. i also don't know who it would be more difficult for in terms of having a blog. the checker or the checked. i guess this wouldn't be an issue if my friend hadn't told my ex about my blog during that first? second? time he had met me. and so he thought he knew me before our first date. if you're reading this, i hope you're doing ok.


i had a dream about a well a few nights ago. a deep well in the center of my bathroom. usually i'm not one to think too much into dreams, but i've had two dreams about me hanging out around a well this past week. i guess it's a bunch of baloney to think that a well symbolizes something significant or that my subconscious is working on overdrive but i can't help it.

maybe it has to do with the well i saw a few wks ago while i was in china. we visited a 72 year old lady who lives in a cave and has a gummy, sweet smile. she has only lived with electricity for the past five years and her "village" just got running water installed a year ago. the water doesn't come to her through a nice stainless steel faucet but instead she has to walk to the supplier with a plastic pail in hand. her son wants her to move in with his family in a nice modern apartment but she insists on staying. she was born there and i guess she will die there. right outside her dwelling place was a well about 3 feet in diameter. it just looked like a deep hole.

maybe it has to do with those murikami books. i just finished kafka on the shore and there was a well mentioned that stood at that space between life as we know it and life without memories or time or problems or sheer joy. then there's the well in norweign wood that stood for great danger. then there's the well in the wind-up bird chronicle that served as a refuge for the main character and was some sort of portal into another world. murikami loves adding in a random well, a few tidbits on pop culture, a cat, something that's missing, chapter long letters/newspaper clippings and an unhappy relationship ending.

maybe it has to do with that childhood story about the boy with the long ass name that fell into the well and his friend runs around the village telling everyone to save him. rikki tikki something or the other.

maybe i was just thirsty.

[User Picture]From: cbr600
2006-07-25 08:01 pm (UTC)
maybe you thought you were in asia where all the bathrooms are just holes in the ground. =)

there are also wells in the book Raise the Red Lantern by Su Tong where the one of the mistresses ends up sadly.

or maybe you just wanted some refuge to escape for a little while to think and reflect.

next time drink water before you sleep. =)
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